They say it’s about the journey not the destination, but when it comes to lowering the impact we have on our planet, the journey IS the destination.

Path To Less is about that journey. There is no Planet B at the moment (no matter how big of a fan I am of that sci-fi solution) and if we don’t act now, we might not be able to survive.

We’ve been raised by out capitalist parents into a world of consumerism, overspending, and debt. We buy things and don’t pay attention to the world around us because everything we have is incredibly easy to replace.

But we can’t replace our earth. We can’t replace the animals who choke on plastic in our oceans and we can’t replace the air we breathe.

Not unless we act.

Path To Less is a journey, an individual one. It’s my journey, but it can also be YOUR journey. It is my hope that this site helps you take that first step. Then another, and another, until we are all walking the Path To Less.