Happy Birthday, PathToLess!

I honestly didn’t think it would happen, but Path To Less is officially ONE YEAR OLD!

Let’s celebrate!

I didn’t know what to expect when I started this website, and I wasn’t sure I would be able to update it on a regular basis. But 12 months and 65 posts later, Path To Less is still here. I documented my decluttering, changes in my diet, exploring sustainability, and learning about environmental activism. Not to mention keeping track of my NoSpendYear challenge.

And I’m not going to lie, while at times, I felt defeated by some aspects of this new lifestyle I was exploring, knowing there’s an online account of my journey that may end up inspiring other people, kept me honest and motivated.

Yes, I stumbled once or twice, but I ended up getting back on track. This has been my motto afterall: I never wanted to be perfect in my sustainability. But I wanted to be more conscious and mindful.

The biggest changes that I noticed were financial.

As a result of being more mindful about my spending and being minimalist, I noticed I am being able to save more money each month. I have a system for buying things I want, little treats (or bigger treats if there’s something expensive I want). When I’m online seeing things I want, I no longer give into the desire to just click through and buy it on the spot. I always sit on that thing for a while, to put some distance between us. I ask myself questions: do I really need it? How often would I be able to use it?

My diet also changed a lot, though admittedly it’s way harder to stay on track in that category of my life. I stopped snacking at work completely, though I do sometimes indulge in junk food. Pizza is both: my greatest friend, and my worst enemy. Although I recently learned how to bake bread and pizza dough is next on my list. So maybe I’ll be able to be more sustainable with my junk food as well. Keep your fingers crossed.

My journey is slow and I’ll be honest, knowing I need to post to the site, researching for the posts and keeping myself surrounded by the topic, is an enormous help when it comes to staying on track.

So thank you for the past year and here’s to the year ahead.

Hopefully it will be full of more progress!

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