What it was like to stay offline for a whole day

As I’m staying at home during the pandemic, I decided to try different things to keep myself occupied and motivated. This weekend, as we celebrated Easter in a rather subdued way, I decided to try being less digital. Unlike the last time I didn’t have my laptop, this time I wanted it to be a conscious decision.

So on Sunday, I didn’t turn my laptop on at all and spent the day reading books and baking. Sure, I checked my phone a couple of times, but it wasn’t for longer than a couple of seconds as I texted with my sister.

Staying connected to my family did take precedence over my little offline experiment.

But overall, I stayed away from screens of any kind. And honestly, it was an interesting experience.

I didn’t feel the passage of time at all, and was surprised when I realized how late it was, I was so completely lost in the book I was reading, the world outside didn’t exist. I could feel my stress levels lower drastically and my attention span got longer and longer, as I was able to focus on one activity (reading) for longer periods of time.

I think I should do offline days more often, or at least on a more regular basis. Perhaps once a month, I could disconnect from everything. I want to see if I can disconnect for the whole weekend and what that would feel like.

And can we just marvel at the idea that disconnecting from our online lives is a challenge nowadays? I got my first computer in highschool for my 16th birthday, before that I only had access to computers during summer, when I visited my mom at work. And yet, now everything I do is with electronics, work and fun. Disconnecting is a new experience after all those years living the digital life.

On Sunday, when I decided to stay offline, I was afraid that I would be bored, or fidgety because I’m aware what withdrawl looks like. Yet, I experienced nothing of it. Yes, at the beginning of the day, I had some slight difficulties focusing on the book. But it went away quickly enough. Maybe I’m not as addicted to the screens and online content as I feared?

I’m really looking forward to trying the offline experiment when the pandemic is no longer an issue and I’ll be able to go outside and enjoy the sun. This weekend proved that I am capable of staying offline and being less digital, so I’ll try to incorporate it into my routine and hopefully, it will become a permanent fixture in my life.

Have you tried to stay offline for a day or two? How did it go?

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