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Challenges to make staying home more interesting

When you’re staying at home during the pandemic, only leaving once maybe twice a week to run to the store to get groceries, keeping your sanity can prove challenging.

First, let’s acknowledge our privilege where we can stay at home, and maybe even work from home (as I’m doing). Let’s acknowledge how lucky those of us still employed are.

Next, let’s remind ourselves that no matter how lucky we are, it’s only natural to feel like we’re going insane with anxiety and boredom.

Me, after the first two weeks of quarantine and working from home when I allowed the anxiety get to me, I forced myself to be a little productive every day, to distract myself from everything that has been going on, and keep myself motivated. Apparently, when I’m not bored out of my mind, mindlessly binge-watching Netflix, I’m not as tempted to mindlessly spend money on the Internet, or try to come up with reasons to leave my apartment.

I actually sat down and made a list of all the things I want to try during this time, or things I want to accomplish.

  1. Bake bread – I already got yeast and all the other ingredients. After Easter, I want to try and make a sourdough starter. We’ll see how that works
  2. Make pizza – in related news, I also want to try to make a home-made pizza (it’s actually on my bucket list of things to try)
  3. The pantry challenge – After Easter, I want to see how long I can go on before I have to go shopping for groceries. So I’ll be trying to empty my pantry.
  4. Draw portraits for my D&D characters – I started to learn how to draw at the beginning of the year, but everything that happened meant the drawing lessons stopped. I want to go back to drawing and perhaps try to draw my D&D characters
  5. Go completely offline for 24 hours (and/or the upgraded version go offline for a weekend) and spend that time reading books – now that I’m not commuting my reading habits really suffered
  6. Declutter my office space and my scrapbooking closet
  7. Do a family movie night
  8. Scrapbook or make birthday cards for future use

I really do hope that by the time the pandemic ends and we are once again allowed to go out and socialize I’ll finish my list, hell maybe I’ll stick with some of those items (I would love to keep baking bread and drawing, if anything). Even more, I’m hoping the pandemic ends before I run out of activities on this list.

Maybe you’ll find this list useful. If you have any other ideas of things to do while you’re staying home to keep boredom at bay, share them in the comments or on social media (don’t forget to tag me with them).

Stay safe and healthy!

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