The best goal for 2020 is to try and #MoveTheDate

I’ve written about the Earth Overshoot Day in the past and about the ecological footprint each of us has. I’ve written about all the ways we could lower our impact on the environment.

Here’s the cruel truth:

In 2019 Earth Overshoot Day was July 29. On July 30 we started to use resources Earth cannot regenerate in a year.

Look at how things have been going, I’m relatively sure that in 2020 Earth Overshoot Day will fall on July 26. Though maybe all the climate crisis activism everybody was doing last year will have tangible results and I’ll be pleasantly surprised when they do announce when 2020 OverShoot Day will be.

Though, unfortunately, I remain skeptical.

People seem to be too attached to their capitalist comforts and ideas of what a happy life should look like. And even though wherever you look these days, we keep hearing (and repeating) that we have less and less time, it doesn’t seem to penetrate.

And since my name isn’t Greta Thunberg and I can’t change the world, I can only change myself and hope others will join me on the journey.

In October, when I wrote about the ecological footprint, I saw that my personal Overshoot Day was July 17, sooner than what it was for Earth. So my biggest goal for 2020, aside from finishing decluttering my belongings and NoSpend Year is to move my personal Overshoot Day.

I’m hoping that just limiting my purchases will help tremendously, but I don’t want to end there. I’m hoping I can put my Overshoot Day well into December if not further (though, I want to be cautious and not expect too much from my first attempt).

And if you’re looking for a goal to pursue in the new decade, try to #movethedate as well.

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