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A Zero Waste Day at work

I’ve mentioned in the past that I have a good corporate job. That job has been a significant contributor to my getting out of debt and into a brighter financial future.

While my little environmentalist and minimalist heart is cringing a little at working at a huge corporation, I can’t complain too much because not only it empowers me to better my life, the company itself is actively trying to be more sustainable.

My employer (who I’m not going to name) is actively promoting the 17 sustainable development goals to transform our world that the United Nations came up with. They phased out paper cups in all the locations. They focus their philanthropic efforts on sustainability and climate change. The trash cans in my building are split into 6 different categories to encourage recycling: glass, metal, paper, plastic, bio, and others. They also heavily encourage going digital (though there, they have the additional benefit of saving on paper).

They also included sustainability and zero waste topics in the recent Learning Week event where employees could attend all kinds of workshops (I myself attended an introduction to zero waste and a workshop all about playing various board games).

It won’t be an exaggeration that in the last year, I’ve been feeling good about where I work. And while my employer is not perfect: they still invest in fossil fuels and actually contribute to the wealth inequality and divide; it does feel like they’ve been doing more than most.

That or their internal propaganda machine is just that good.

Why am I bringing up my employer, you might ask?

Because this week, on Wednesday, they’re actually organizing a Zero Waste Day. There will be workshops on recycling and upcycling, a lot of various speakers in locations all over the world, and specifically, in my city, they are organizing Electro-waste pick up. There will be a company gathering all the electro-waste we can bring and giving out plant seedlings in exchange.

As someone who always struggles to try and figure out what to do with my broken and old electronics, this is a really big deal. I get to take all the broken appliances I have lying around and exchange them for a plant!

You better believe I will be updating you on Instagram!

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