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I am an introvert and I want to be more sustainable

I’m an introvert.

I don’t enjoy big social events and groups of people exhaust me. Physically and emotionally.

I get anxious when talking to people I don’t know, especially when I feel like I’m not in a position of authority. It’s easier for me to talk to people when I’m at work, discussing work things… But in my personal life? If I could, I would avoid people altogether.

Every time I decide to accomplish a goal, I try my best to keep it to myself. Despite the fact that I know you’re more likely to accomplish something if you share your goals with other people. It took a lot out of me to share my environmental goals with my mother. And the only reason I did that was the fact that my mom does the majority of food-related shopping (seeing how she’s retired and I spend 10h a day in the corporate world). If that wasn’t the case, I’d probably keep my little journey all to myself.

But as much as individual efforts matter, sustainability is a group effort.

That’s why I started this website, to reach out to people. That’s why I try to overcome my anxiety and explain to people why I carry a reusable water bottle and bring my own lunch every day to work.

Writing about my journey is easier. I can think over the words and how I want to say things. I can take my time. But as Greta Thunberg pointed out in one of her speeches: we don’t have time. Our house is on fire. It’s time to panic.

And so it’s time to talk to people about giving up plastic and switching to a more sustainable diet and giving up single-use items. Maybe practice makes perfect and with time, it won’t be stressful for me. Maybe it will get easier to talk to people. Because if anything is worth making the effort, this is it.

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