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Low Impact Movement might be the answer to all of your doubts

I have made no secret of my struggles with zero waste. I’ve talked about how difficult it is to even start in the movement. So when I found Sustainably Vegan on YouTube, it was like all my problems have been answered.

Immy (which, by the way, is like the coolest name) had similar struggles with the zero waste movement. And after a while of feeling guilty for not being 100% waste-free, she created the Low Impact Movement in February 2018.

“I could feel the frustrations within my community and began to realise how excluded some people felt. My activism has always been a little softer than others but I truly believe this approach has allowed my work to be more accessible to those wishing to engage with this lifestyle.”

People like Immy drove home the idea that I should focus on the journey, not the destination. Thanks to her videos, and other people who are contributing to the Low Impact Movement, I have learned not to feel guilty about my shortcomings (or rather helped me fight the guilt I’m experiencing). In fact, she helped me feel proud of the steps I HAVE taken and the changes to my lifestyle I did accomplish.

Because guess what:

Every little bit helps.

We can’t completely remove or offset the impact we have on the environment (or, you know, not everybody can). It’s a cruel reality. But we can reduce that impact as much as each of us is capable of.

Here’s what you can do yourself:

  1. You can reduce or eliminate meat and/or animal-based products from your diet. Veganism and eating a plant-based diet is not easy, but if it’s something you can reasonably achieve, it’s worth a try
  2. Try to avoid plastic containers wherever possible. Whether it’s your lunch containers, plastic bottles, food packaging or anything else.
  3. Try to limit the number of things you have and things you buy altogether.
  4. Bike to work, or use public transport, if it’s available in your area.
  5. Explore second-hand stores, and the reuse economy wherever possible.
  6. Spread the message.

These are some obvious steps, but sometimes I feel they need to be mentioned over and over again, for them to stick.

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