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6 months Check-in: Can we really affect change with zero waste and minimalism?

Lately, I’ve been wondering how much impact are my actions having on the world around me. It’s been roughly six months since I began my journey. I’ve been trying to document it for half that time. 

I like to check in with myself after bigger milestones to see if I need to reassess my approach if I’m on track etc. And that attitude works perfectly when I have a well-defined goal in mind.

With my Path to Less? Not so much.

How do you analyze progress when the goal is so far off and seemingly unattainable? I know I keep saying that it’s about the journey, and not the destination, but how can I tell I’m on the right path?

As unwieldy as it seemed, I still attempted to do my usual check-in, and I discovered than when it comes to fluid and as far-off goals as my “lower your impact on the environment” goals are, we need a different measuring stick.

So I started by asking myself a bunch of questions:

  • Can what I’m doing make a difference in the long run?
  • Can minimalism help me lessen the impact on the environment?
  • Can zero waste lifestyle of one person affect change on a bigger scale?

And after a lot of thinking, I was happy to be able to answer YES to all of those questions. Because in the end, it all comes down to spreading awareness of the problem. It enables more and more people to make even the smallest of changes in their world. After all: we need a legion to turn the wave.

The issue here is that I can only influence my own behavior. I can only make sure I don’t buy unnecessary items. I can only make sure I recycle. I can only make sure I don’t throw out stuff that adds to the landfill problem we’re having everywhere in the world.

And I can only talk about my experiences.

Minimalism and the zero waste movements have a lot in common with saving money in one regard. Both benefit a lot from the power of compounding. At least in my opinion.

The longer you follow the lifestyles, the bigger is the impact you have on the world. Months of not buying wasteful items add up over the months and years. The impression your lifestyle leaves on the people around you compounds, as more and more people see you work on lessening the impact you have on the planet.

Can you imagine how many people have been inspired by Bea Johnson to follow her rules of zero waste even a little? Now imagine, given enough time, that you can become a Bea Johnson to other people in your friends’ circle.

Maybe, as individuals, we can’t make that big of an impact on the planet. But we sure as hell can make an impact on other people, and that impact can be HUGE. 

This website is a way for me to document my own journey. It’s a way for me to motivate myself to stick with it as well. If I have to think about the changes to my life and my impact on the environment at least twice a week when I post to my blog, I can’t exactly ignore the issues, right?

But this website is also a way for me to spread awareness to others. My way of affecting change on a bigger scale than my tiny bubble in Poland.

And six months in, I feel like I’m on the right track. 🙂

What about you? Where are you on your Path to Less?

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