Stumbling on my Path To Less

Nobody’s perfect. No matter how much I don’t like that truth, it’s real. I’m not perfect and as a result, I have weaknesses and I struggle with the changes in my life. When I embarked on my PathTo Less I knew it wouldn’t be an easy journey. With the amount of consistent change in my life that this new direction requires, I knew there would be downfalls.

There are downfalls when I switch to a new productivity system or when I need to remember to buy my monthly public transport ticket. Assuming there wouldn’t be any problems while I work to lessen the impact I’m having on the environment? That’s just silly.

And even though I’ve been on this path only since April, there have already been bumps on the road.


That, admittedly, has been the biggest struggle. Eliminating plastic has not been as easy as it should’ve been. People in coffee shops and ice cream shops do not want to use my glass containers when I ask about that. Every single snack is packed in plastic. Every food item and utility item… Plastic is everywhere and I’m wondering if refusing plastic on an individual level makes sense… Maybe I should research other options…

Meatless diet

I wrote about the challenges of eliminating meat from my diet. It’s like this constant craving. I honestly feel like an addict…


I’m struggling with impulse buying and snacks at work are my major problem area. 

I’m beginning to wonder if I haven’t tried to make too many changes in too little time. I already tried my best to scale my efforts to make sure I don’t burn out the passion I have for the subject, but maybe it’s still too much? I need to analyze these past months to see where I can improve.

Wish me luck!

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