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Choosing to go meatless

I wrote in the past about changing my diet to be a little more sustainable by eliminating meat from my diet. It has been two months with no meat in my diet and I feel like I can now form some preliminary opinions.

A vegan diet is definitely not for me.

While I did cut out meat from my diet, I didn’t cut out all animal products. I still eat cheese, have milk in my coffee, include yogurt and eggs in my meals, etc. But even that small change made it clear to me that I will never be ready to go fully vegan. I don’t eat nearly enough various veggies to keep my meals interesting. As a result, my meals have been a little boring. I’m relatively certain that the routine and lack of variety is going to be the thing that breaks my resolve.

It’s Summer and that changes things

Let’s face it. It’s Summer and that means much more fresh veggies and that keeps me interested. When Fall and Winter come, I might need to incorporate meat into my diet again because cold and frozen veggies just don’t taste as good as fresh ones do. I’m hoping that making one meal with meat a week in Winter will still be sustainable (like the Kurzgesagt suggests in their video).

I miss meat

It probably makes me a bad person, but I really do miss meat. I miss spaghetti, I miss schabowy (it’s a Poland thing, and possibly the best thing ever), I miss KFC and chicken nuggets. It’s possible I miss meat the way my coworker misses cigarettes, and it is a struggle. In the two months I’ve had this new restriction on my diet, I did succumb to it. I had fish in work cafeteria when I forgot my lunch once. I had pepperoni pizza with my friend (I don’t think I’m willing to give up pizza completely).

My mom is excited about this new diet

I’m relatively certain that I will stick to this diet because of it. While the initial change got the support from my mom, she was skeptical at first. I think she was worried that I wouldn’t have good enough diet for it to be healthy, because she knows how picky of an eater I am. But I pointed out to her, that keeping cheese and eggs and yogurt did mean that the only meal in the day that changed was my work lunch because it stopped containing meat. Everything else would stay relatively the same.

I’m not saving money on this change

That’s the biggest disappointment, I think. I fully expected to be able to save some money. I mean, the Internet has been pretty firm on this subject: meat is expensive, veggies are cheaper. But with the recent weather hijinks making the seasonal veggies more expensive, it doesn’t feel like my family has been spending less on food. After the first price increase, I had a long and hard think and told my mom we might need to start buying meat again, because while sustainability is all well and good, if it’s too expensive, then we clearly can’t afford it.

Going forward:

I’m going to be honest here: I don’t want to incorporate meat back into my diet unless I really have to. Thankfully, I still have Summer and most of Fall to figure out how to survive Winter without meat. I’m hoping it won’t be too expensive, but with my savings plan to buy an apartment, I can’t afford to have extra spending… I guess I have a lot to think about. Keep your fingers crossed that I’ll manage to find a sustainable solution.

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