Walking the path to less with other people

I’m an introvert who doesn’t talk to my family about my day unless something really gets me excited or mad. It was a source of great irritation to my family in the past before they learned I wasn’t doing it on purpose and after I learned that putting in extra effort to share something went a long way. It was always difficult for me to share my plans and decisions when I was younger. But with time, I realized that having support from other people (especially if it was someone from outside of my family) made me stay motivated much longer.

So for the majority of my life making changes in my life, if it involved a longer process, always came down to a choice of whether or not I cared enough to admit to it and share it with someone else. Unsurprisingly, more often than not I chose not to share my goals with anyone. In cases when I still tried to achieve what I wanted, if it was a prolonged journey, I very often gave up along the way before getting to where I wanted.

Until I found a writing buddy, who, somewhere along the way, turned into my money buddy. Our goals and interests were aligned at the same time so it felt natural to share my financial journey with her. And when we (separately) got interested in minimalism and zero waste, it was obvious we would become buddies on this journey as well.

Having a buddy on a journey with me has been incredibly helpful.

A cheerleader

When there’s a person privy to your goals, they will be your cheerleader along the way.

Every time I meet with my friend, we catch each other up on what we’ve done to achieve our goals, what happened in our lives that impacted us and our journey and all the struggles we’re facing. And we cheer each other on. After each meeting I’m so energized and motivated, I’m usually super productive afterwards.

A sponsor

To borrow from the Twelve Steps Program, my buddy is also my sponsor, motivating me not to fall off the wagon and keep me motivated. She is just a text message away if I’m doubting myself or if I just want to rant or complain. Every time I need to vent, she’s there telling me the hard times will pass and “you can do it!”

A troubleshooter

Sometimes I get stuck. Sometimes I don’t know how to approach the problem. Sometimes I don’t know what my next step should be.

Enter my buddy. We brainstorm, we troubleshoot, we figure out together what’s the best course of action. And it’s so incredbly helpful I can’t even decribe how it improves everything I do.

You should try it too 🙂

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