Decluttering: what to do with the things you discard

Decluttering your belongings, no matter what method you use can be incredibly powerful. It can also be satisfying. Hell, even watching the Marie Kondo’s show on Netflix, when they get to the part of all the discarded things, packed neatly in plastic bags… Every time, I’m thinking “niiiice!”

Then I decluttered my clothes, going from two closets of clothes to two drawers… I ended up with three huge plastic bags full of clothes. And sure, I was super satisfied and happy with what I accomplished, but then I looked at those bags of clothes and I had to ask myself “what the hell am I supposed to do with these?”

That’s the part you don’t see. They don’t show you where those plastic bags of belongings go. Do they end up in a landfill? Do they get sold? Do they get donated? Do they get burned in a ritual sacrifice for Satan by a coven of feminists planning the downfall of mankind?

(and if it’s the latter, can you gals give me a call?)

There is no point of doing a decluttering and then having the trash bags hang around after the fact. I mean, it’s not decluttering, it’s just moving the things to a different spots in the apartment.

So once I made the decision which clothes to discard, I decided to sort through them to figure out what I could do with them. My goal was to make sure that I throw out as little as possible. After all: less waste, less impact on environment and less things being sent to the landfill is the whole point of my current journey.

As I went through every single item I asked myself two questions:

Can I reuse it for something else?

Most of my discarded T-shirts ended up being a “yes” here. I decided to reuse them to sew myself reusable items such as: cotton pads, handkerchiefs, unpaper towels.

Can I donate it?

Is it in a good enough state to donate it either to friends or family members or to charity.

I briefly considered trying to sell some of my clothes, but it just seemed like way too much work. I was also concerned I would end up keeping those clothes around forever if the items didn’t sell.

I ended up with one plastic bag of clothes I had to throw out, full of ripped pantyhose, stockings and old clothes from years and years ago that were too small for me and too old to give away. And two bags of clothes I managed to give away to charity (after giving some vests to my sister).

That experience certainly helped me figure out how to approach the upcoming decluttering of my books (and I have A LOT of books). I already found a used books bookstore that I can sell my books in bulk, not worrying about creating individual listings online…

Wish me luck on my decluttering journey!

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