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The Allure of Starting Fresh vs starting in the middle

I have a confession to make. Even though I’ve had an incredible corporate job for the past two years, I’ve been looking for a change. I’m mostly looking for internal mobility offers within the company I work at, because I already have a very good reputation there and I’m super familiar with the processes.

So I’ve been looking for new opportunities and all of the ones I considered where jobs in a completely new city, or even a country.

It’s super scary and I’m not going to lie, really exciting as well.

As I’m applying for the jobs, I keep thinking about what the moving to a different country will be like, what kind of apartment I might have and many more ideas. It’s terrifying, but at the same time the idea of a fresh start is extremely alluring.

I mean there are only so many things I can take with me in a couple of suitcases as I move to a completely different country. Talk about a necessary minimalist!

With a fresh start, there is this idealistic notion that I would be able to only buy things I truly need. Because I wouldn’t have all the baggage and clutter accumulated over the years.

Changing my lifestyle would be easy.

At the same time, I know that I can’t put the lifestyle change off until I’m surrounded by the perfect circumstances, because it might never happen. Decluttering the huge collection of stuff has been difficult and is taking A LOT of time, but it’s satisfying. I feel like I’m doing something.

Even though, if I’m being honest, it can feel discouraging and like there’s no end to the process. And in those moments, the allure of a fresh start and waiting until it’s here has an incredible amount of appeal.

In a way, it’s very easy to put things off when you need to start doing something. It’s easy to not do anything. A fresh start is something that happens to us more than it being something we accomplish. In my case, it would be a by-product of a change I’m looking for. A side benefit, if you will.

And let me tell you, whether my fresh start happens because I manage to secure a job in a different country, or not, I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing. And I might stumble and have weeks where I’m too tired or too lazy to do something about the amount of plastic that’s in my life, but then I come back and reestablish my motivation. Because fresh start or not, I can do it.

And so can you.

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