Starting on the Path to Less

I have a lot of things. Not as much as some people, as I’ve always been on the lower side of the spectrum that is the middle class in Poland, where I live. But I have more stuff than I in fact need. I still have things in boxes from when I moved into my current apartment 15 years ago. That should tell you everything you need to know.

On top of that, my apartment is cluttered and I’ve never been very good at cleaning, so it’s messy and chaotic. For years and years I didn’t mind it, but lately, thanks to the crazy YouTube sessions and algorithm recommendations, I’ve been discovering the zero waste movement, the minimalists and the truth behind how screwed the planet is if we don’t do anything.

I watched a documentary on Netflix called “True Cost” and boy, did it make an impact.

I started to look around my apartment and all the things I own and I realized that I am part of the problem.

And so I made a decision. I am not as superhero. I cannot, single handedly save the world. But I can become part of the solution.

And in a truly millennial way of doing things, I’ll be using this blog to chronicle my journey as I cut down on what I own, and the impact I have on the environment.

It’s highly likely that I won’t always succeed, but hell, it’s the one battle where the journey is really what matters.

Wish me luck?

And join me in my journey on Instagram 🙂

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