Decluttering should probably be the first step

Every time I start getting passionate about something, I usually want to go all in, immediately. I want to do ALL THE THINGS, RIGHT NOW, and then when, inevitably, the results are not as good as I want, I get discouraged and my passion somewhat… disappears.

And so, over the years, I’ve learnt that slow and steady, while not as satisfying as a single huge burst of action, is something that sticks much better.

When I realized how screwed we are (There’s no Planet B, yo!), I figured, I have to take things slow, or the new habits will not last. And out of all of the projects I’m working on, that’s the one thing that I want to succeed with. The impact I’m having on the environment has to be smaller and I have to take sustainability seriously. So I have to take small steps as I incorporate new things into my life.

So I started to think what could be my first step towards the bigger goal. I wanted to do something that would push me forward, closer to what I wanted to achieve, and would still give me a lot of satisfaction, without exhausting me to the point my passion would take a hit.

I was already carrying a reusable bottle and packing my lunch in containers, so I couldn’t just count those as a quick win (it would feel too much like cheating… shut up, I’m weird like that).

After some thinking, I decided to declutter my possessions as the first step.

I watched the Marie Kondo Netflix show and read her book, and I knew that decluttering in itself would need to consist of several steps as I went through all the categories of things I owned. That meant that I would feel like I was doing something, I would feel accomplished with every category finished, and I would get SO MUCH closer towards my goal of having less and still feeling satisfied with what I actually owned.

And, because I’m a millennial, I’m documenting the entire decluttering journey on Instagram, so take a look and join the fun!

Right now, I finished with clothes and I”m planning on going through all my books this week. That is going to be quite an adventure since I have A LOT of them.

What are your experiences decluttering for the very first time?

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